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Garden Maintenance


Sometimes a garden space seems completely overwhelming particularly if areas have become untidy, unmanageable or completely overgrown.


We offer all aspects of clearance and garden maintenance from regular weekly or monthly visits to one-off full garden clearance projects, and because we take all chippings and waste products away with us from the site you won't have to worry about disposing of anything.


Starting fresh with a clear space can really help you decide what you want from your garden and our team are always very willing to offer advice and options on what you can do with your outdoor spaces.


This Service may include the following:



  • Lawn Care – From regular mowing to aeration and scarification, the gardeners will carry out various procedures to keep your lawn in top shape.


  • Weed Removal - Any pesky plant will be dealt with accordingly, every centimetre of your garden space will be checked for rogues.


  • Pruning and Removal of Trees – Jim's Garden & Tree Service can also help you with expert tree care. The specialists can even remove a certain tree if it comes to this.


  • Ivy Pruning and Removal – The plants that twine on the sides of your home will be kept under control so they won't cause damage to the brickwork. Also, they can be entirely removed if that is what you prefer.


In addition, you can always count on the expert advice of your gardeners when it comes to decisions regarding the well-being of your garden.




Garden Clearance 


Jim's Garden & Tree Service can help you with full-service garden clearance. So in case the vegetation around your property is steadily trying to take over, just give us a call and your trusty specialists will clear the site for you right down to the last blade of grass if that is what you wish.


Just tell us exactly what you need and your garden clean up service will be carried out in accordance to your specific requirements. It can include:


  • Full garden and site clearance
  • Trimming and cutting back of any messy hedges
  • Scything down of all long grass and shrubbery
  • Pruning of overgrown trees that block sunlight
  • Weeding and turning of plant beds and borders
  • Removal of specific plants and shrubs you don't want
  • Grass and leaf clearance



Lawn Care


Jim's Garden & Tree Service can give you a hand when you are in need of regular lawn care. Simply contact us and explain exactly what kind of maintenance you need for your lawn.

The experts will visit your property soon and handle the job for you. They can also give you professional advice on the subject, and they will greatly improve the overall condition of your lawn.


Activities May Include: 


  • Lawn Mowing – Even the most generic  task is carried out with remarkable diligence by the expert gardeners.


  • Grass Trimming – Not a single grass blade will be left unattended, trust the specialists for an exceptional trimming.


  • Edging – The edges of your lawn can look whatever you like. If you have an idea, just let the experts know and they will do it for you.They can install any decorative elements as part of a landscaping service.


  • Top Dressing – In case the grass of your lawn is growing unevenly, your gardeners can enrich the soil with the right fertilising concoction to fix the issue.


  • Scarification – If necessary, your lawn will be carefully scarified to promote healthy growth of the grass.


  • Lawn Aeration – This procedure involves injecting oxygen directly into the soil. The gardeners do it with special equipment and it is a great way to prepare your lawn for the cold months of the year.


  • Lawn Feeding – Fertilising the soil correctly is vital and you can fully rely on your gardeners for this task. They will also take a variety of anti-weed and moss measures.


Landscaping & Garden Design


Imagine your garden just the way you want it to look right down to the last detail. Jim's Garden & Tree Service are here to make it happen for you with artful landscaping and garden design. Just tell us exactly what you want! We can't wait to hear about your new ideas! The expert landscapers at Jim's Garden & Tree Service are more than eager to give your garden that WOW factor and make it the most stunning piece of work in the whole neighbourhood.


Here you can take a look of the many ways we can help you. 


  • Removal of vegetation – We can clear all the existing vegetation from your garden and prepare the area for a complete redesign.


  • Levelling – The specialists can level the ground in case it's not entirely even as part of the landscaping preparation or  request. Turf laying – this includes any kind of turf, anywhere around your property.


  • Graveling – Gravel and decorative stones can contribute a great deal to the good looks of your garden.


  • Planting – Just tell us exactly what kind of plants you want to have in your garden and it will be done in no time.


  • Fencing – You can choose from a variety of options such as wooden or concrete posts, standard or custom-build close board panels. In addition, the gardeners can even stain or paint your newly installed fence.


  • Making Pathways – Any material and size are within the skills of your trusty gardeners.  
























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