Our work is fully insured in repsect to public liability, employer’s liability and professional indemnity. Copies of insurance certificates available upon request. 


Why is that important? Because you care about your home and we are sure that you would be more than just a little upset if an uninsured company damaged your house.


Why Hire an Insured Tree & Garden Care Company?


When you do research on what to consider before hiring tree care services, one of the most consistent number one results you’ll find is to ensure that your company is insured.


Tree care is dangerous work. It’s also risky, depending on the type of work and the proximity to your house, car, or other belongings. While we at Jim's Garden & Tree Service are confident in the jobs we do, we are also a company that prides ourself on our professionalism.


Our fully insured company means that if something does go wrong, you won’t be left fighting to get your property fixed or reimbursed. Our insurance lets you know that we mean business and we care about our customers.


Ready for a truly professional tree care company to come serve your needs? Call Jim's Garden & Tree Service Today.



Jim's Garden & Tree Service

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