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Tree Felling


Sometimes, trees can cause unnecessary risks to people or structures. This can happen if a tree is too close to a building, which can be a potential cause of subsidence, and the tree may need removing. Many trees will require removal or dismantling if they are dying of natural causes, or if they have developed deformities or defects which cannot be fixed by pruning. In some cases of young trees having defects, removal and replacement will be the preferred option.


We are able to remove any species of tree, should it be required. We can remove the tree safely and efficiently, even if the environment we’re working on is demanding and difficult.


We are able to carry out our tree removal services for both domestic and commercial clients. So whether you’re a homeowner, landlord or business owner or manager, feel free to contact us today.


Tree Removal Services


Many trees are protected under UK law. This means that trees will need to be checked before work can take place to make sure that they’re not covered by a Tree Preservation Order, or if the tree is within a conservation area.


We are happy to advise you on checking whether you’re able to remove the tree or not without any further consequences.



Tree Pruning


Specialist Pruning Services


Pruning can be an integral part of maintaining the health of a tree; however we will always discuss the objectives or reasons behind the pruning in order to establish whether or not it’s best within the interest of the tree’s health.


Getting a professional tree surgeon to carry out tree pruning services is always the best solution, as incorrect pruning can result in damage to the tree or even in shortening its life.


Tree Pruning Experts


Trees grow and grow! It is not unusual for a loved tree to outgrow its situation, replacement with a new tree may be the best solution to an overgrown tree or it may be possible to undertake reduction pruning to make the tree smaller or to remove part of the trees crown that is blocking a view, light or interfering with a building or highway.


Other pruning is carried out because of damage which has occurred to the tree, either due to adverse weather conditions or because of diseases which have affected the tree’s structure or growth.



Tree & Hedge Planting


We have many years of experience within the industry. Part of conserving and improving an area of land can involve tree and hedge planting. The impression of your business or home can be greatly improved with the right arrangement of hedges or trees.


Getting the wrong type of hedge could potentially mar your property, or affect other plants, shrubs or trees within the vicinity.


Hedge Planting Experts


We will work with you to advise you on the best type of trees or hedges that will work with your existing land.


Trees felled with Tree Preservation Order consent often require replacement planting as a condition of the consent; we can source your requirements if we are not already growing them.


Winter is the optimum planting time for trees ad hedging plants although containerised stock can be planted at any time of the year without any growth check but irrigation of the newly planted tree is more critical than a tree or hedge that has settled in and made root growth whilst the crown is dormant.



Tree Management


We are experts when it comes to tree management. We work with dead, dying and dangerous trees in order to either conserve them or prune them back into health, or to remove them from your business or property’s woodland area.


We can also offer free advice, recommendations and quotations with managing trees and woodland areas for domestic and commercial customers. So call us today for expert advice on woodland management.


From the light pruning of small trees to shrub removal and repair, we can carry out our expert tree management services within a wide range of situations. We are dedicated to offering outstanding customer service with each customer we work for, no matter how big or small the job is.


We’ve had many satisfied customers throughout the years, and we are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised with our services if you decide to use our business.


Woodland Management


We have an understanding of the forestry industry. If you decide to use our services, we will ensure that you will maximise your woodland’s potential. We offer a no-obligation free quote service to our clients, and we can provide our services all across Northern Ireland. 


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